Omar Chakil is a French Egyptian Lebanese multi-disciplinary creative talent. His work ventures on the frontiers of art, craft and design.


Omar started out interior designing the homes of his closed ones in Paris while simultaneously pursuing a chart topping singing career. He later studied design at Milano’s NABA school before participating in numerous workshops around the globe. He has earned the support of his peers in various artistic fields.

His experience as an artist, creative consultant and decorator for a list of private clients, which includes Hollywood celebrities and business moguls for nearly two decades led him to creating his own series of objects.  

‘Volutes’ SERIES:

French-Egyptian-Lebanese creative talent Omar Chakil’s VOLUTES series is made of unvarnished, untreated, raw Egyptian alabaster which he calls Pharaonic alabaster to differentiate it from other kinds of onyx marbles.

Exclusively introduced at ‘Over The Counter’ showroom during the Beirut Design Fair 2018 and ‘House of Today’ Biennale, the series examines the energy of movement and sensuality inspired by the stone’s ancient healing mystic and soothing swirl like motifs.

“The idea was to find an emblematic Egyptian mineral and use it to create contemporary objects that would build bridges between past and present, craft and design, earthly and ethereal, east and west...”. says Omar Chakil.

‘Volutes’ is entirely hand made in Egypt merging his Egyptian roots with his French aesthetic heritage through sobriety and grace.