The Story

"I don't have time for this" - Tracy Murray, when diagnosed with breast cancer 2014.

Me.  And it feels like a very long time ago.

by Kate Modlock-1-2.jpg

So, post breast cancer treatment, I had to figure out exactly what I did have time for.  And it certainly wasn't my previous career.  My brain seemed to have rejigged itself and sought more creative pleasures instead.

So, Shut up and Relax Ceramics was borne, in Brisbane, Australia. All pieces are made by me in my home studio underneath the little Queensland cottage I share with my husband, sons and menagerie of animals.

I dabbled in ceramics way back in the 80's and loved it.  But then life, work and family took over. 

Coming back to clay play, whether making or guiding others in workshops, this is what I love.  

I've found that working with clay has improved a few of the side effects of cancer treatment and so much more. Taking the time to make and to celebrate each remarkable ordinary day of living, a way for my overthinking-never-shut-up-brain to chill out.  Just a bit.  

My ceramics are made by hand and hold imperfections, showing the small makers marks and imprints that only handmade products can.  They are meant to be held in your hands and used every day, not just reserved for special occasions.  Every day is special, and damn awesome - mostly!

I use a variety of methods to form my work, pinching and slab rolling, using different clays and glazes as the mood takes me.  I don't make large runs of product, I make small individual works.  When you own one of my pieces you will have an original that you won't find elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy looking through my shop and if you do decide to purchase any of my ceramics, I hope they bring you some of the joy that I find in making them and using them myself. 

Just take your time - you've got that! - happy browsing.  T xx