Secondome presents Gio Tirotto

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Everything he designs comes from the attention towards what’s around him, living or inanimate. If there is a limit between art and design, he tries to erase it and re- design all the existing complicity among human beings and objects. This is the reason why he believes that rituals, memory and imagination are often the essential function of things.

Milan Design Week 2019, Secondome presents “Intimate Phenomena”, Gio Tirotto’s investigation about shapes and materials, a collection of “tools for the imagination”.

For Paris Design Week 2019, as a collaboration between Secondome and Boon “intimate Phenomena” will be presented at BOON_ROOM.

“Intimate phenomena happen to all of us, events of different size and duration, we observe them in wonder, explore them out of curiosity.

Fascinated by the idea of research and lab testing (as for physics and chemistry), I imagined a collection of “tools for the imagination”, where shape clearly recalls the technical equipment and light has the role of door to the imaginary world.

The four lighting items, inevitably create a physical relationship with the observer that steers and places them in the space according to his functional needs or evocative wishes.” - Gio Tirotto

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Secondome is a Design Gallery focused on contemporary designers and innovative projects worldwide. Founded by Claudia Pignatale in 2006, Secondome produces its own collection of Furniture and objects working to launch experimental designers, artisans and master craftsmen. Its mission lies in highlighting both the high-quality manufacture of the Made in Italy brand and the originality of products, emphasizing the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. The artisanal nature of Secondome’s production makes each piece individual and highly personalized.

Intimate Phenomena is a limited-edition collection of four lamps made of scotch bright satin steel and plexiglass.

Television – floor lamp

Television table – desk lamp

Satellite – desk lamp

Big Bang – floor/desk lamp

Intimate Phenomena by Gio Tirotto for Secondome

- from Milan design installation 2019 photos by Serena Eller Vainicher

Product images

Photos by Fedrico Villa