Mari Goga, architect & designer.

 She holds a degree in Architecture from NTUA and has her own practice in Athens, Greece, since 1999. Since then she has handled the conception and realization of various architectural projects of different scales.

 Next to her architectural work stand “Objects”, her small scale creations made with an architectural way of sensing and working on materials, Her starting point is geometry and movement in space and her signature is a fine taste of humor.

She has often created limited editions using existing forms or found materials in the tradition of "objets trouvés" but with a clear intention of being used in a considered and functional manner.

‘Spinning Tops’ and ‘Spinning Moons’, her last work, reflect her passion for detail and craftsmanship while she uses old techniques as terrazzo and hand-blown glass creating table, floor and pendant lights.

 “Objects” of Mari Goga have been presented in various galleries, art shops and private collections.

Spinning Moon

The new collection of lights, Spinning Moons’, take a step forward.

Narrative comes to play.

The architect uses the traditional, well-known techniques of glassblowing and mosaic flooring.

The light comes alike full moon from a sphere of opal, hand-blown glass. The basis is a cone made in the tradition of mosaic flooring, a technique frequently seen in old greek, neoclassical and modern houses. Handmade through a casting progress, that uses a variety of stones and glasses arranged in a way that reminds the shinny, smooth touch of a sea pebble. Despite its weight the cone can swivel like a big spinning top, a toy from the past.

It is a play of geometry and materials. A swivel of earth and air.

Spinning Moons’ come in various sizes and weights.

Limited edition furniture "objets trouvés"