Linda Ouhbi creates pieces in stoneware using hand building and coil technique. This ancestral process necessitates a slow construction and permits the development of a relationship with each piece.

Throughout the quest for a fragile balance during the construction of each piece, there begins a dialogue that influences the shapes that emerge. Each piece therefore holds the traces of a unique emotional quality, an intimate premise that comes from within.

Moved by the rare subtlety of prehistoric works and inspired by the ancient culture, Linda Oubhi creates pieces that question the ideas of function and utility, but above all, the notion of time and progress.

The earthy, used aspect of these ceramics results from glaze research undertaken in the ceramicist’s workshop using raw natural materials. More than a trade or the quest for an aesthetic, Linda Ouhbi approaches her field as a lifestyle—the pursuit of an essential, primordial state—aquest for simplicity.

Born in Casablanca and currently living in France, she became acquainted with pottery in an atelier in Marrakech during a stay in her native country.

Determined to continue this path, she spent two years as an apprentice in a potter village in Burgundy France before attending the school of applied arts of Paris (Art Appliqué de Paris – Duperré. She is now living and working in Paris.