The idea and philosphy of  C/RO started in the beginning of 2016 and has been developed by Camilla Rosén, freelancing interior architect, designer and owner at Rosén Concept ApS.

Rosén Concept ApS specializes in concept development, activity based offices, space planning and interior design. With over 14 years of experience in expressing customers brand through concept development, a need of creating something personal started to grow. The love for the characteristics of materials, construction, design and art started in early years. Design was a natural part of the daily environment in the small city in Sweden where Camilla grew up. Being surrounded by designers and brands like Bruno Mathsson, Källemo, Ihreborn and excellent handicraft has given a natural access to design and quality.



The modern way of living and the Scandinavian form language inspired this multipurpose furniture for in and outdoor use. With the overall focus on drastically reducing the environmental impact in our lives to accommodate the changing aspect of luxury. We believe in environmentally friendly designs which will last in quality and functionality. Each design item is handmade in Sweden of recycled steel. Quality items which will work for both your in and outdoor spaces with the goal to bring you closer to nature in all its aspects, in a sophisticated way. Architecture has much changed and more and more, the boundary between inside and outside is being erased, our kitchens are moving outside, our balconies and terraces resembling hotel lounges.