is born from a strong reverence for timeless quality and the inherent beauty in objects crafted by hand.

We design and manufacture contemporary
objects merging traditional craftsmanship and high quality materials with design rooted in Swiss design aesthetics.

The relationships we foster with master artisans produce truly unique objects that juxtapose contemporary design with traditional workmanship.

Fair trade as well as sensible and responsible work conditions are our norm. We believe it’s the only way to create true beauty.


ATLAS was founded in 2016 by Isabell Gatzen and Werner Ladinig in Zurich, Switzerland.

In early modern Europe, an ATLAS was a collection of knowledge of the world, historically and geographically. The name for us evokes a feeling that the world has always been connected.

We will work with the best crafts people, no matter where in the world they’re based and we strive for a unique global perspective on a new crafts movement.