We gave ourselves the challenge of designing a product that would combine the long Swiss tradition of watchmaking with the noble materials available in the South of Chile. During the creative and experimental process, we discovered the benefits of Patagonian woods. We realized that the trees have borne witness to the mystical history of the area and have the aura and spirit of the inhabitants of Patagonia. This is how TTANTI was born: by capturing the philosophy of the people of Patagonia through the native woods and the work of artisans of the region.



Our goal is to transmit our beliefs along with the essence of Patagonia to our costumers. We believe that a watch should not only display a point of time as measured in hours and minutes; but should be a constant reminder that time is passing, that we must enjoy every moment. To match the quality of our materials and meet our standards, there wasn’t anyone better than the Swiss and their long tradition of watchmaking.

We target two levels of excellence. On one hand, the fine materials that testify an ancient tradition, and on the other, engineering that inspires confidence and reliability. We are unifying two traditions in one product: Patagonian and Swiss heritages. This has been and will be the trademark of TTANTI: authenticity and perfectionism.

The Travelers Collection
Our watches revive the appreciation and concept of time from another era, but are designed for a modern lifestyle. And like the selk'nam, yamana and alacalufe natives from these lands, TTANTI was born as one with nature.
TTANTI has its roots in a land where local traditions and foreign wanderers coexist, our watches attempt to capture the secret that Charles Darwin, Bruce Chatwin and Fernando de Magallanes, among many other scientists, artists and restless adventurers discovered after traveling through the world that survives in Patagonia.

The TTANTI family
Angel Andraca re-launched the company in 2016 with his idea of combining his love of wood with the Chilean and Swiss heritages. The talented product designer Rodrigo Bravo came up with the astonishing design while Guillaume Vaslin-Reimann took care of the branding and the creative direction. All the pictures are shot by Patricia Vogl and the texts from Sarah Fowler. Andrea Tugas & Patricio Rivas are manufacturing the leather straps while Felipe Rioja, Angelo Lara and Lorenzo Fuentes are the talented hands behind the wooden assembly.