CORMIO was launched in 2016 by fashion designer Jezabelle Cormio, with a vision to create a line of luxury contemporary evening-wear. Her aim is to take a new approach to an old tradition, by creating new imagery for contemporary women in occasion-wear, offering a true reflection of today’s contradicting and unconventional ways of embodying femininity.

CORMIO collections are rooted in Italian craftsmanship, with all fabrics of the highest quality and manufacturing based in Italy. The artisanal 'hand-made' approach to garment making mixed with a passion for mystical glamour is a key balance to the definition of CORMIO. Anarchic evening-wear and 'liquid tailoring', meaning a fluid interpretation of traditional tailoring, are the two focus points of each collection. Vintage archive pieces are referenced anachronistically to offer a purposeful misinterpretation of our western culture. In an attempt to ‘break’ our culture to absorb new influences, the collections are infused with re-interpreted elements of foreign cultures: from the replication of Vodoo symbology, to the graphics of Santeria ritual essences, to traditional Chinese brocade coated in resin to resemble the surface of antique lacquered wood. Prints, custom treatments on found fabrics and embroidery are an essential aspect of the brand’s aesthetic.


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