Nguyen Hoang Tu on his brand:

I commence with the idea that clothing is to protect the body, then grows to be fashion. That’s also the way I do fashion.


They are firstly fabrics, function and lastly decoration.

I grew up with fabric as my mother is a tailor and day by day I fall in love with them. I always imagine how they (fabrics) would turn out to be a beautiful dress whenever I touch them.

Following fashion to renovate the basic fabric is the decision that I’ve made. And there’s always nature mixed up in my designs as I’m one of those who can not live without nature. Then collections form up with experience.

I hope my designs at least would reach to those dreamers and bring them the belief in beauty as real life out there is making us weary.

FW 19 Campaign

FW 19 Concept

Watching the circle of life, from the very beginning it was just the combination of materials until the creation of nature, caterpillar into chrysalis, and butterfly, silkworm and moth, the egg and the bird… each stage brings an exciting story to me. And then, one by one, I finish my design. I call it the miracle of fashion. Although it’ s a whole long process but what I’d love to deliver is still the honesty, we are human with many emotions, and being honest give me the warmer and safety for that new life and new inspiration will be borned.

FW 19 lookbook

SS 19 Concept


 When the circle of life keeps turning, there still are individuals exit that trajectory, silently and focus on the very first target to create the beautiful new colors...

 Silent is how I'm feeling about this life, every individual works separately but still dying for contribution in their own way. I want to bring them all together, those different colors, to make a collection just for myself. A bit complication of patchwork, geometry of space structure... but after all, just the light & romantic emotions that come from the fabric & colors remains.

 I'm looking forward to seeing you to come with me and share the inspirations as well as how we've turned them into these dresses.

SS 19 Lookbook

Resort 19