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  Valerija Kelava and Belantiq

Valerija Kelava and Belantiq

Valerija Kelava and Uroš Belantič are a Paris based top model and a designer, who have long been working for various brands within the fashion industry.

With dance being their mutual inspiration and experience in creating costumes for ballet troupes, they embarked on an independent project that would merge dance and fashion, two arts sharing a mutual starting point: the body. This is how Just A Corpse was conceived, an identity that would seamlessly unite the two media characterized by individuality, vitality and transience into an integral whole.

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In their pursuit, they connected with a manufacture with over 30 years of experience in producing personalized garments for top athletes.

The clothing line consists of leotards, sweaters, T-shirts, leggings, warmers, ... that are designed with
the sophistication of Parisian fashion houses and crafted with technical precision of contemporary sportswear

It gives garments a unique touch and feel, making them a distinctive style statement and appropriate for variety of exercises and leisure activities.

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