Christine Nielsen worked many years with the biggest stars of the fashion industry.

Lee McQueen handpicked her for his team where she worked as head of design under Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, and she went on to become Directrice de Studio at Givenchy and Balenciaga.

In 2016 she launched her French label Hyun Mi Nielsen, with a Paris-based studio, which will debut as a guest member on the official Paris Haute Couture calendar in January 2017.

Hyun Mi Nielsen evokes poetic sensibility and poignant emotion. Attention to detail, technique and craftsmanship is mixed with refined modern technical expertise. With this label, Christine Nielsen, wants to create collections that have a narrative effect with presentations, garments and materials which conjure emotional responses.

Christine Nielsen, a graduate of the Royal College of Art and Design, believes the fashion industry is consumed by immediacy and moves too fast. Fashion has become two-dimensional and image obsessed. Rooted in strong narratives, the collections instead let the audience and clients become immersed, transporting them into the unhurried world of Hyun Mi Nielsen. All garments are special pieces that live and change with the clients. The unique pieces can be cherished for their craft, longevity and exceptional signature.

Christine Nielsen has always had a true love for the craft and savoir faire of French fashion. All of her fabrics, from silk to leather, are modernized by her interpretation and sourced in France. Every piece is Made in France or Italy and key pieces are fully handmade in her studio in Paris. Christine Hyun Mi Nielsen was born in Korea and adopted to Denmark where she grew up with a mother who was a children's librarian and a father who was a professor in political science. Mixing the world of imagination with a factual, pragmatic world, her up-bringing instilled in her a sensibility for creation, story-telling and meticulousness.

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