Welcome to Heaps and Woods, a community of creative dreamers. We were born with the aim of making high-quality natural materials and handicraft something that is accessible to the audience by providing one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

‘Artisans for designers’. This is the definition Marta Jurado and Louis Chagnaud, the creators of Heaps & Woods, identify with. Their project was born four years ago, almost by chance, after a trip to Indonesia. Today, it has become a reality that delights both interior designers and design enthusiasts who are passionate about stylish furniture with soul.

The result is furniture that encapsulates the purity and the elegance of classic Western designs, but that is manually built piece by piece with exotic high-quality materials and handicrafts.

‘Heaps & Woods’ means culture, tradition, and design. It is the fusion of different ways of seeing the world under the common denominator of making a dream come true.

Marta Jurado + Louis Chagnaud

‘Heaps & Woods’ emerged from the union of two different -although not far from each other- ways of seeing the world.


Louis Chagnaud, born in a creative family, has got a curious lively character and is always looking to learn more about the world. He is free-spirited and adventurous which has led him to live in places such as Shangai, London, New York, Sydney, and Bali, apart from Paris, his hometown.

The other half of ‘Heaps & Woods’ is his partner Marta Jurado, the interior designer who shares Louis’s impetus and passion for travelling. She also realised that Indonesia would be an ideal place to make some of her dreams come true.

Since the moment they met during a trip, as if by magic, two great talents started to work together guided by their curiosity and urge to preserve the great little treasures that they encounter along the way.

We think Globally

‘Heaps & Woods’ is an Indonesian-born brand. It is an ambitious project carried out by a team that believes in the values of cultural tradition and who reinterpret them by designing unique pieces.

A young team that is passionate about preserving the treasures of the past by using them in a different context.

‘Heaps & Woods’ is the merger of cultures, minds, and creative people. In this way, we have always had a global vision.

We know how to find, see, and appreciate the treasures of each culture. For this, ‘Heaps & Woods’ is the outcome of our origins, our merger, and our discoveries.