BY Matthias Scherzinger


FREUDWERK [Joyful Creative Handcraft from the Black Forest] combines modern aesthetics with established traditions.



FREUDWERK develops objects that blend into and enrich your living environment. The exclusive selection of materials and products demonstrate quality and functional values linked with a pureness and clarity of form. The interplay between design and handwork is their major focus. Our intensive development process combined with an in depth know-how and a passion for details enhances their forms, materials, modern techniques and traditional handcraft.



is a solid wood stand-alone lamp. She presents a self-assured pure expression of form by her seamless transition from her lamp shade to the supporting base. The radiant white kern provides for a delicate and ambient lighting. Luise blends easily into any environment at the same time offering a useful storage surface. Luise sets a specific accent and is an absolute eye-catcher. In her design we paid particular attention to a pristine naturalness and an ergonomic employment of materials.

The lamp family comprises four individual objects: Three stand-alone lamps and a table lamp


The Stocker is a fusion between a stool and a chair. The light stack-able wooden seats are suit­ able for private and semiofficial facilities. Its expressive form underlines the beauty of our local timber.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 12.26.29.png


The intricate structural design and construc­tion enables us with a material thickness of 8mm to create a robust but light article weigh­ing only 2300 Gram. The compact con­struction of the Stocker allows place ­saving storage.


Tibalt is a stack-able stool concept with a convincing geometrical simplicity and aesthetic in which the filigree design is reduced to a minimal form.

The three sides of the stool blend into a coherent unit yet offering the observer other impressions, a real eye-catcher.

Tibalt is available in two versions: either as a stool with an elaborated seating surface or as a side table.


Thorus distinguishes itself through a minimalistic and timeless Design.This solid wood stool can be easily integrated into private rooms or semi-official facilities. The puristic cubic form and distinctive surface structure highlight the quality of the wood utilized.The diagonal alignment of the wood grain lends an impression of endlessness while the extra weighing at the base ensures an impressive stability.

Thorus is available in two versions: either as a stool with an elaborated seating surface or as a side table.


Muuna is a universal tray based on a rhomboid design and crafted out of solid wood.

The inclined storage surfaces are anked by two shoulders which offer keys, apples, pencils, books, lipsticks or mobiles a useful haven. In order to protect the underlying surfaces small wool felt feet have been attached to the anks.

Directness, a clear-cut form and proportion paired with natural wood grain structures give Muuna anim posing stature. 325 The seamless perfection and velvet like optic of the waxed surfaces make Muuna a real eye-catcher in any environment


The Tocker is a lightweight solid wood table suitable for dining or meeting rooms. The seamless transition from the table top to the base presents a compact unit, whereas the conically structured legs highlight its elegant form.

The table top is divided into four sections to emphasis its character while uniting classical elements with modern design. The complex construction form ensures a substantial stability despite the application of minimal material thickness.

Tocker has a con dent touch of class.


Freudwerk-Matthias Scherzinger-Tocker+-1.jpg

Tocker+ is NEW!It presents itself in the same style as its twin tocker and is also a suitable table for dining or conference rooms.It combines classical elements with contemporary design. The basic units in this version comprise two materials – Wood and Steel. The conically structured legs enhance Tocker `s self assurance.The visible filigree edge of the four sectioned table top rests on frame steel frame emphasizing the lightness of Tocker+


The table Philia unites the two elements of timber and steel and proudly presents her complex construction form and timeless appearance. The three sectioned round table top offers a strong contrast to the stringent geometrical steel construction on which it rests.

The thin rim of the wooden table top together with the slender steel architecture and the choice of colors imply an almost weightlessness and emphasizes her unmistakable elegance.



Nature has always been a vivid inspirational source for people. Animals and in particular birds enhance a special fascination for us. Their gracefulness often creates a strong emotional bond to mankind.

This elegant wooden gure Noée is an attractive and peaceful bird. She is a harmonious blend of subject, form and material presenting an iconic and calm simplicity. The variety and selection of timbers together with the symmetrical body designs give each gure a unique character and personality. Their charm is a peaceful inspiration in any environment.

Each bird is individually handcrafted giving a velvety elegant surface to feel and admire. Noée comes in four varieties of wood with either black or white tails.