FOMME is a Berlin based brand of designer Sarah Effenberger. After finishing her MA degree at the University of the Arts Berlin in 2015 she launched her own brand which was shown at the VOGUE Salon during Berlin Fashion Week in January 2016.
The philosophy of her designs is to create a new image of contemporary men’s fashion and to combine mens and womens wear with an unconventional approach. Nostalgic references found in the imagery of the mid 20th century when daily wardrobe was still aiming for an elegant appearance. In her collections Sarah Effenberger transfers this wistful picture into a modern context and adds a playful and sensual shape to the men’s fashion world of today. FOMME is celebrating the decoration of the male body.

AW 18 Campaign


SS 18 Campaign



Ski alpin inspired by winter sport elegance from the mid 20th century throws you back into wistful memories of snowy cold winter days. Sportive elements meet fluffy fur and ultra smooth velvet. Checked tweed reminds you of woolen blankets in front of the open fire.
Three dimensional embroidery and beading add a street like element to the overall elegance of the Fomme look. wadded jackets, jumpsuits and even hot-pants outline the brand’s playful approach to a new silhouette in menswear. Yet Fomme always remains thoroughly serious and frames masculinity in a refreshing way that puts both the wearer and the observer at ease.
Meet the man who sports the fomme look most grace- fully on europe’s legendary ski pistes. Fun and Ski from Germany. 


SS 17 Campaign

Beach Patrol, inspired by the traditional male bathing suit, a strong symbolic image to the wistful memories of the Summer Seaside. The red and white stripy draws were a center point for the collection, created from colored, striped toweling it transports us back to fond days lounging on the beach, deck chairs and stripy towels. A patrol of wide leg culottes, play suits and jumpsuits evoke the nostalgic summer days. Playful embroidery on toweled pieces are reminiscent of 1950´s lifeguard vests and baseball caps. A rose tinted twist on Barbour shop tailored jackets added to this creates a ready to wear collection for the summer days ahead.


FW 16 Campaign

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