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Nomàt was founded in 2019 in Paris, with Hitomi NOMURA as creative director and heading the design team.

She was born in 1984 in Japan and studied at the University of Art and Design in Tokyo. After graduation, she worked for YOHJI YAMAMOTO as a pattern marker until 2009.

Nomàt is a brand with features of a playful design and cutting. Paying attention to every details and not compromising with any details is our style of manufacturing.

Since textile is one of our obsessions, we travel all over the world for purchasing carefully-selected materials and manufacture original textiles. 

Then, we will be engaged in the specific work on each process of final product from design to sewing and dyeing at our own factory.

Nomàt(coined word):

For something invisible but existing in this world. Uncharted imaginary places.

< Inspired from Nomad  / AGELESS/NO BORDER>

Having a strong belief for living freely with Nomad 

As a meaningful something walking together

Nomàt always wants to be clothes getting close together, asking to the live of the person who is wearing or having in hand.

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